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#What_Inspires_Kids_to_Greatness ? (hint: You’d Be Mighty Glad to Know)

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Isn’t the question as relevant as ever? All parents surely want the best for the kids.  As a result of this “not so secret wish,” most parents spend tons of time and money pondering and trying to ensure kids’ greatness.

Toys, extra classes, gadgets, apps, books, trips. And so on and so forth in a seemingly endless cycle.  Alas, despite spending all those efforts, many kids simply just don’t grow up to be truly great.  Yikes!

But…parents who are still reading up to this point can be assured that their kids would most likely get an advantage over most.

I noticed something that TRULY GREAT PEOPLE that I have the privilege of knowing, ALL HAVE IN COMMON.

They certainly do not have the same parents (except for similarly GREAT siblings of course).

They can’t have played with all the same toys.

As they are from different walks of lives, they surely didn’t all go to similar classes.

Certainly not all share likes for similar gadgets/apps, read similar books nor been to certain destinations.

Startlingly though, they usually have one thing in common.

They all have: a great role model.

(To be continued next week: “5 Things A Kid Wish to Know from A Great Role Model?” please start following this blog so you don’t miss anything!)

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