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Unlocking Kids’ Utmost Potentials with the RIGHT Neurological Stimulation

Jakarta, Indonesia

What an amazing day! DR Jane Williams (Ph.D, Bmgt, RN (Paeds) GM of Research and Education of KindyRoo was in town earlier today.

She shared how to help our kids be successful in schools. She drew distinct correlations between providing the RIGHT neurological stimulation during early age education (fetal stage-5 y.o) and the kids successfully attaining balanced emotional, cognitive and social intelligences later & throughout their lives.
She stressed strongly that #Movements = Key to Learning. #Music and #Speech (stories) were also highlighted as providing important sensory stimulation for babies and toddlers.  Aside from #touch (bonding) of course!  She also highlighted what I also happen to believe wholeheartedly, that parents are in the drivers’ seats because the RIGHT stimulation given at the RIGHT TIME will set up the children for life.

Imagine my delight when she later stated that Bubbles of Love “is really good!”  Hooray to Bubbles of Love and our Music Stories Movements & Crafts!

Thank you so much Jane!

Hope to have more conversations on how to unlock kids’ utmost potentials.

*Lily Dawis is a mother of 3 kids below 8, an author, composer and entrepreneur.  Among other official business stuffs, she cooks with her children, composes songs, writes children stories, restaurant reviews and simply create.  Her hobby is cake designing (#LDcakedreams). Her first album; Bubbles of Love (www.bubblesoflove.net) is the first and (4 years later) still the only album from Indonesia, by Indonesians, successfully registered in the United States Copyright Office. If you like what you read, please subscribe and kindly share. Thank you for visiting and reading!**

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