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Can you build a city in one day? Rome wasn’t… Bubbliapolis?

By October 23, 2014 Welcome! No Comments

“Rome was not built in one day”

The city of #Bubbliapolis, so bustling, inspiring and amazing in my imagination is certainly going to take some time to get built in reality. Thank goodness for #3Dprinting that makes the planning that much faster.

Presenting… #BubblieLightHouse the icon of Bubbliapolis!

From 3D sketch:

BOL LightHouse NewEX_small

to actual object:


took about 24 hours! 😀

With the Bubblie Lighthouse ON, hopefully more can find their ways to the city that exists in each and every heart!

#3dprintable #3dprinted #lighthouse #makerbot #replicator2x #abs

#What_inspires_kids_to_greatness ? #imagination #creativity #stories #future is #hereandnow #creators = #catalysts !!

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