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Jakarta, Indonesia

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So sorry for my rather long silence.  Been pulled in more different directions than usual, with close relatives being down on their health, numerous events, children settling into their routines in new schools etc. etc.

BUT, things are finally looking up…

So, am back and this time, with pictures! Woo hoo!

This beginning of autumn/fall season, there were two significant events… one was my husband’s birthday and the other was a surprise luncheon for my good friend.  Was inspired by autumn for both occasions.

Husband’s birthday

For as long as I can remember, I have been designing cakes for my loved ones.  And somehow, this habit (alluding to my earlier posts about #rolemodels), managed to inspire my own kids… They have started requesting themes and then designing their own cakes since they were about 4/5 years old.  For my husband this year, I have designed this cake:


#3Dprinted #caketoppers #customdesigned and #improvised #makerfaire #robots to carry my husband’s first name S-U-G-I

The autumn touch on his cake was inclusion of the color orange on his cake toppers (inspiration: leaves turning orange…).  In the past, I have used toys, flags, clay figures as well as sugar sculptures to adorn the cakes.  Since I happen to be fascinated with #3Dprinting, an idea came to me as I was designing the cake to customize the cake toppers with #3Dprinters.

Have previously printed a few original “M” #makerfaire robots before and been experimenting mostly with color combinations.  However, suddenly I thought to change the “M” to “S-U-G-I” to represent by husband’s first name.  Thank goodness they came out pretty much like what I had in mind.  Because, apparently #3dprinting = more #precision and #consistency.  The base cake (made of sugar, cream and chocolates) was supposed to represent the earth so the robots posing together on the top of the earth after they have conquered the earth but… it didn’t turn out quite as I sketched :p

Caketopper details: #makerbot #replicator2 (the “U” & “G”) #pla and #replicator2x (the “S” & “I”) #abs

Alluding to my earlier posts about being #rolemodels for our own kids through setting good examples, this hobby of mine, designing cakes for my loved ones, has apparently inspired my own kids to do the same. This is one example of their 100% self-designed cakes.

kyra's cake

The four ballerinas were supposed to represent Kyra and her best friends. Had to ask a clay artist to make the ballerinas to get the details just right.

So far, I still helped to realize the cakes (explaining their visions to bakers and clay artists) since they’re still 7 and 6 year olds, but we as a family bonded together over the process :D. The littlest one can’t draw her own cake yet so, we’ll see whether she’ll take this family hobby up as well.  Can’t wait to know what our next cake homeworks will be… 🙂

TO BE CONTINUED: Autumn inspired table settings for good friend…

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