About Bubbles of Love

Bubbles of Love’s vision is to help shape children’s characters and expand their horizons through wonderful materials that delight & inspire the senses.


Imagination knows no bounds.
Anyone, anybody
can be GREAT!

Let’s bond with Nasya, Aria, Key, Pink Jellyfish & the Bubblies.

Let’s engage & discover
through music, stories, movements & crafts.

Be inspired
Be humble and kind at all times

Coz I know you are and you can…

Lily Dawis
Creator of Bubbles of Love

What is Bubbles of Love?

Bubbles of Love is an ever evolving collection of Music, Stories, Movements, Bonding & Crafts (3Dprinting & Origami) that aims to facilitate parents & educators in nurturing kids into highly creative & productive people. A child who is loved and having fun is much more likely to excel. Secured & contented in the knowledge that parents & educators truly care and supported by fun & stimulating environment, kids gain a sense of well being & the confidence to learn optimally.

Who are behind Bubbles of Love so far?

People who are destined to work together towards the same vision.

The music, lyrics and stories of Bubbliapolis and the Bubblie family (Papa Bubblie, Mama Bubblie, Nasya, Aria, Key and Pink Jellyfish) were composed and created by Lily Dawis naturally and spontaneously (please watch the video of the journey of creation in the folder 1 What & How it all started). The accompanying vibrant illustrations were made by Sylvia Lukman, who worked with Gwen Stefani on the first Harajuku Collection and now the master licensee for Sanrio cards, Little Miss/Mister Men and Disney cards in Indonesia. Music arrangements were entrusted to the legendary producer, James F. Sundah. Movements by Lily Dawis & Ratna Saputra.


The Music

Currently consists of an album with 14 original songs organized as mini stories around a child’s day. The music album made history in 2010 as the first and only album from Indonesia to be successfully copyrighted in the United States Copyright Office*.

The songs that make up Bubbles of Love’s Music were originally inspired by Lily’s daily interactions with her own little family and meant to be heard within her own family. Heard by legendary Indonesian music producer, James F. Sundah, Lily was then encouraged to publish the works to avail them to families worldwide. As the songs were initially composed only for the composer’s own little family, they were meant to provide a sense of contentment and inspiration while preserving the child’s innocence and pureness of heart. The final published album is accompanied by stellar sound effects and ethnic musical instruments and has become a fixture in many families & schools in Indonesia and some overseas, most notably the homes of Annisa and Aliya Yudhoyono (daughters in law of former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) and their creative centers for the underprivileged; Rumah Pintar & Jendela Dunia. Many well regarded schools also infuse Bubbles of Love within their stellar curriculums. Schools that have been working with us closely are Tumble Tots & Leaps ‘n Bounds (60+ centers), Gymboree, Popay Satori Montessori, Oak Tree, North Jakarta International School.

PUBLISHED: Bubbles of Love – Music album (CD)
14 original songs (12 English & 2 Bahasa Indonesia) + 2 bonus instrumental tracks.
Music and Lyrics by: Lily Dawis
Producer: James F. Sundah

Bubbles of Love’s songs were composed by Lily Dawis originally only for her own little family. Found by the legendary music producer James F. Sundah (co-writer of the hit “When You Came Into My Life,” the Scorpions) he encouraged Lily to publish the songs. James then produced the album for the world!
Incorporating rare sound effects & Indonesian traditional instruments, this album has been warmly welcomed & enjoyed daily by tens of thousands kids and families all over the world. The songs within the album are set in the imaginary city of Bubbliapolis and sung daily by Papa Bubblie, Mama Bubblie, Nasya, Aria and Key.
In this first album, the primary crooners are Meilody, Aulia and Venska.
*Meilody (“Mama Bubblie”) fell in love with music and singing since very little. Her dad has a music school and expected nothing but the best from Meilody. A talented hard worker, in her teenage years, she went on to be crowned the 1st winner of Indonesia’s National Radio Star Competition (2007) and managed to be the Runner Up in South East Asia’s Nusantara classics festival (2007). She was also 1st winner of national Mandarin Singing Competition (2006 & 2007). In 2010, the rich yet clear texture of Meilody’s voice repeatedly captured composer and producers’ ears and hearts since blind audition process and earned her the voice of “Mama Bubblie.”
*Aulia was a tender nine year old in 2010 when the producer James Sundah found her in an English course as he was scouring all parts of Indonesia for someone to sing as “Nasya.” The jazzy and playful timbre of her voice and great pronunciation won her the spot of awesome “Nasya.”
*Venska is an Indonesian girl who currently lives in the United States and born to musician parents who regularly sing and play for church and state events. Her ability to carry big notes way beyond her years made her a shoo-in to fill the sweet yet powerful voice of “Aria.”

The Stories

Bilingual book consisting of 14 beautifully illustrated book and ideas for families to interact deeper with the materials and derive inspirations from Lily’s natural process of creations. The pictures in the book provided glimpses to the main characters of Bubbles of Love; The Bubblie family with Papa Bubblie, Mama Bubblie, Nasya, Aria, Key and Pink Jellyfish, highlighting the moments in Bubblie family’s life in the imaginary city of Bubbliapolis.

PUBLISHED: Bubbles of Love – Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Ideas & Inspirations
Music, lyrics and concepts by: Lily Dawis
Illustrator: Sylvia Lukman
Publisher: Bhuana Ilmu Populer (BIP) – Gramedia Books
Pages: Hardcover + 40 pages exclusive artpaper
Bonus: Separate booklet 16 pages which contains the bilingual translations

After launching in May 2012, the materials gained nationwide recognition and gained amazing press coverage by respected major TV stations (including in KickAndy, the most respected talk show in Indonesia), printed medias, as well as radios. Many music, educational and psychological experts also went on to declare the music & stories as perfect for early education, English and Music subjects (kindly check folder 3).