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5 Things A Kid Wish to Know from A Great Role Model #What_inspires_kids_to_greatness series

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Last week we were wondering what TRULY GREAT PEOPLE all have in common and the answer was a great role model.

Now, how to encourage our kids to find a great role model for themselves?

Familiar with the adages, “children mirror their parents?” “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree?” and so on?

Am sure, some might already guessed the answer by now; BE ONE.

TRULY GREAT PEOPLE mostly answered “mum/dad” to the question “who is your great role model.”  It is usually after a second nudge from interviewers that they would reveal non-parent great role models.  Parents, we are their default role models.

Now, how to live up to that important role?  Such a difficult position to be.  We are not perfect.  Far from it. How can we become someone else’s role model?  Are we ready? On top of it all, we all got to make ends meet etc. etc. etc.

In light of this modern dilemma, I have asked some TRULY GREAT PEOPLE, to share with us their reflections.  Apparently there are common threads across their multitude of answers.  Let’s breathe easier now, because, although these sound hard to teach, they are not impossible to impart. 

Chances are, if you are still reading up to here, you are genuinely looking for ways to inspire our kids more than through material means and that means, you care and you’ll be okay. Hugs!

These are the common things they’ve mentioned so we can reflect further (note that they are not organized in the order of importance):

1. Lead by example. Consistently. Walk the talk.

2. Time management.

3. Substance over flash. Character. Integrity. Empathy. Humility. Sincerity. Wisdom.

4. The art of networking. When, if and how to apologize and mean it.

5. How to keep going when the going gets tough.

Apparently, the journey of inspiring others start with being inspired ourselves and wanting to share what we know/find.  So, let’s continue on this conversation together so we shall find more ideas to inspire our kids to unique greatness.


Happy Bonding 😉

Lily Dawis

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